Food Processing Machinery Manufacturer in China

Longqiang Dairy Machinery Factory is a professional dairy process equipment manufacturer based in China. We primarily produce milk production line, milk powder production line, ice cream production line, beverage production line, water production line and more. Our products are widely used in the industrial field of dairy, food, pharmaceutical, light industry, fluid and pressure vessels, to name a few. Relying on high quality and competitive prices, they are exported to Canada, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, the United Arab Emirates, Panama, Chile and Algeria, and other countries.

  • Dairy Production Line
  • Dairy Production Line This unit consists of milk machinery responsible for quality testing, grading, and weighing of the received milk. Storage tanks are available for the storage of the raw materials (fresh milk or powder milk). More
  • Lateral Spray Retort
  • Lateral Spray Retort In order to ensure uniform temperature and heat distribution, we install 3 fan-shaped nozzles at the both sides of the tray inside the retort and the nozzles spray the hot water in fan shape uniformly ... More
  • Biopharmaceutical Production Line
  • Biopharmaceutical Production Line Longqiang Dairy Machinery Factory is a professional biopharmaceutical production line manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our biopharmaceutical production lines include extraction ... More
  • Milk Beverage, Yogurt Production Line
  • Milk Beverage, Yogurt Production Line Products type: 1 or 2 or more kinds.
    Filling types can be decided by the customer then designed accordingly.
    Our company can design customized production lines in accordance to the ... More

Longqiang Dairy Machinery Factory is a professional dairy processing equipment manufacturer and supplier, based in China. We produce milk production lines, milk powder production lines, ice cream production lines, beverage production lines, water production lines, and related products. Our equipment is used in the dairy, food, pharmaceutical, and many other industries.

We were approved by ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System in August 2001, and were certified by ISO9001:2008 in October, 2009. Providing high quality dairy production lines, bio-pharmaceutical production lines, drinking water production lines, etc., is our priority. Therefore, we use a stringent quality control system for each production process of our beverage production lines, coil instant ultra high temperature sterilizers, stainless steel vessels, etc. In addition, our professional inspection department conducts comprehensive quality inspections of all incoming raw materials, especially steel material, to ensure material quality and sanitary standards are met.

In order to offer the best prices to our customers, we follow a series of measures to keep our production cost down on our concentration equipment, filtering equipment, CIP cleaning systems, etc. For instance, our location in Wenzhou city, a coastal city of the East China Sea, provides us with easy access to convenient transportation by sea, land, and air, which reduces our raw material acquisition cost, as well the shipping fees for our customers. Furthermore, we apply modern management methods, fully utilize all our resources, and we use imported production equipment which reduces our labor and energy costs, and improves our efficiency.

Our milk production lines, beverage production lines, milk powder production lines, stainless steel vessels, etc., are high quality, reasonably priced, durable, and reliable. As a result, our equipment is exported to Canada, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, Panama, and many other countries.

Our customer service team will ensure that you get the service you deserve, and all of our products come with a one-year quality warranty. We can also provide special services, like designing, installation guides, testing, staff training, and more. OEM service is available upon request.

If you are interested in our dairy processing equipment, please feel free to contact us for a consultation at Longqiang Dairy Machinery Factory. We look forward to providing superior quality products and excellent service to you.