About Longqiang

Wenzhou Longqiang Machinery Tech. CO., LTD is a China-based, professional food processing equipment manufacturer and supplier, in operation since 1984. We are located in Wenzhou City, a coastal city of the East China Sea, where we have access to convenient transportation by sea, land, and air. Our company covers an area of 16000 square meter, and operates with a fixed fund of 4.8 million USD and a circulating fund of 1.8 million USD. We have over 150 staff, including 16 technicians and 9 engineers who design our pressure vessel systems.

About Us
    1. Food Sterilization Equipment
    2. Food Sterilization Equipment Predetermined sterilization temperature can be quickly achieved to perform high temperature sterilization in a short time.
    1. Sanitary Stainless Steel Vessel
    2. Sanitary Stainless Steel Vessel Single layer storage tank can be used as liquid storage tank, mixing tank, temporary tank and water storage tank etc.
    1. Evaporation System
    2. Evaporation System The single effect outer circulation evaporator is applicable for concentrating materials in industries such as China traditional drug...
    1. Filtering Equipment
    2. Filtering Equipment Duplex filter is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel and is made up of two round barrels. The internal and external surface is polished 0.4μm.
    1. CIP Cleaning System
    2. CIP Cleaning System In addition, the PH valve, the cleaning time, cleaning sequence, and also the backflow PH valve are all pre-settable.
    1. Stainless Steel Pump
    2. Stainless Steel Pump This is a sanitary side channel self priming pump and it is suitable for food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
  • Turnkey Production Line
  • Turnkey Production Line This unit consists of milk machinery responsible for quality testing, grading, and weighing of the received milk. Storage tanks are available for the storage of the raw materials (fresh milk or powder milk).
  • Solutions Optimized production process design

    Our extensive experience in the design, automation and construction of production processes, processing facilities and equipment is driven by our expert design teams involving in process, automatic control and three-dimensional installation.

  • Solutions The process for custom solutions includes

    Initial budget and quotation